New Development Team Announces Release of Moonlight|3D

With this release the Moonlight|3D Ressurection Project shows activity, provides a working code base and seeks developers and users.

October 16, 2002 (INTERNET). The Moonlight|3D Ressurection Project announces the release of Moonlight|3D 0.5.5, the first release of Moonlight in over 3 years, based on the sources of 0.5.3 which were published in 1998.

The goal of 0.5.5 was to show that development on Moonlight|3D is gaining momentum to attract potential developers and to provide a version of Moonlight which works on today's hardware. No new features were added in this version.

Moonlight|3D Resurrected is an effort founded in January in a web forum for moonlight users. Our goal is to make Moonlight|3D the popular and well-supported free 3D modelling suite it once was. We are looking for C++ developers interested in graphic and 3D programming to work with us, making Moonlight|3D a high quality, professionally usable modeller.

We currently work on the next major release, aiming for a lot of bugfixes and cleanups in the internal structures as well as missing features, especially texture mapping. As it is completely volunteer driven, we cannot estimate when that release is due.

Moonlight|3D is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), two well known and accepted licenses that are also used by other Free Software / Open Source projects.

This release of Moonlight|3D is currently available as source code and as binary installer, but we hope to be able to provide packages and similar mechanisms for the major linux distributions and probably the *BSDs later or for future releases. You can get the sources as well as the installer at the Moonlight|3D Development site.